Sustainable Packaging at Beacon Container


Corrugated is a natural, environmentally friendly medium that is recycled more than any other packaging material. Beacon Container is committed to its "cradle to grave" involvement in responsible use and reuse of its end products and raw materials.
Corrugated has been recycled for decades. Nationwide over 70% of all corrugated was recovered for recycling in 2007. From 1994 to 2005 the amount of corrugated used to ship a unit of domestic industrial production has decreased by 19%.

Beacon Container’s products include substantial recycled content and our manufacturing process has been modified over the years to become more earth-friendly. Beacon’s corrugated products meet environmental guidelines and exceed the spirit of all government and industry mandates based on environmental concerns. Corrugated products have even been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for direct food contact.

The corrugated packaging industry practices continuous source reduction. We make stronger boxes using less raw material. Environmentalists call this source reduction: using less raw material, and generating less waste at the source. Corrugated packaging also allows significant source reduction by eliminating the need for overwraps and secondary packaging.

Think Green, Think Beacon!

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